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Trafo Rekond - Lule Building System AB
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High Efficient purification of transformer oil, oil containers and cellulose insulation.

Conditioning of the insulating oil during operation

TrafoRekond is a mobile device that consists of a highly efficient vacuum evaporator integrated with a patented electrostatic oil cleaner.

  • S gives the transformer longer service life lower aging rate
  • S gives environmental benefit no replacement of oil
  • S brings significant cost savings investments brought forward many years
  • S brings transformer higher load capacity
  • S gives the transformer lower operating temperature
  • S gives no downtime

TrafoRekond provides major cost savings

Feature Description

1.    Preconditioning containing insulating oil pollution in the form of, inter alia, particles, oil oxidation, dissolved gases and water. The cellulose is hygroscopic (water-absorbing) and contains approximately 1000 times more water than oil. The oxidation has over time built up a diffusion (moisture) barrier on the cellulose husk.

2.    Purification Transformer Rekond method, particles (including oxidation of the oil), water and gases is removed from the oil. The oxidation migrates from diffusionsspärrren”, into the oil to then be separated in TrafoRekond.

3.    Now that the diffusion barrier” is removed and the water was removed from the oil, the oil is “water-thirsty”. Water and particles migrate then from the cellulose into the oil. TrafoRekond now remove these pollutants, including emissions from the oil and so the process continues.

4.    When the cleaning process is finished, a calculation of the added amount of stock solution based on the oil’s antioxidant content. The stock solution with antioxidants added to Corning” oil but especially cellulose improved condition.

Work process

1. Before treatment begins, a full analysis of transformer oil. It includes gas analysis, the moisture equilibrium content of cellulose, copper content, antioxidant content, dielectric strength, interfacial tension, sulfur, peroxide, visual inspection and comments.

2. After about half the planned treatment period, a new analysis (gas analysis + water analysis) to assess progress in the treatment process. About a week before the planned treatment period, a final analysis (same as in 1). This is to determine whether the conditioning is completed (the objective is achieved) or whether the process should continue.

3. When the final sample is added to the calculated amount of stock solution antioxidants, in order to “preserve the oil, but especially cellulose improved condition.

4. TrafoRekond give the transformer a longer life-span.