Siemens/Elin 42 MVA

/Siemens/Elin 42 MVA

Siemens/Elin 42 MVA

Siemens/Elin Steam turbin 42 MVA

Turbin No. T5515

Machine No. 521-5515-5

Type and size: NK 63/90/64-3

Rated output: 33600 KW

Rated Speed:
3000 r.p.m

Trip out speed: 3300 r.p.m

Live steam pressure: 76 kp/cm2abs.

Live steam temperature: 500c

Exhaust steam pressure: 0,090 kp/cmabs

Year of mfr: 1977

Elin 3 phase synchronous Generator

Type: DTG 139/2-324

NO: 1613664

Year of mfr: 1977

Effect: 42 MVA

Voltage: 10500 v

AMP: 2310 A

RPM: 3000

Frequency: 50 HZ

Solenoid voltage: 180v

Magnetic power: 517 Amp
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Produkt Description

SiemensElin 42 MVA 2

SiemensElin 42 MVA 3

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