16 MVA Steam Turbine Stal Laval/ASEA

Effect: 16MVA


Year: 2001 (1955 rebuild 2001)

Running time: 25.000h (since rebuilding 2001)

Rpm: 3000rpm

Pressure: 36bar, max 42bar

Backpressure: 4,7bar(a)


Extraction: 30t/h

Steam: 158t/h

Temp: 450°C

Generator: 16MVA

Voltage: 6300V

Frequency: 50Hz

Power: 1466A

Solenoid voltage:

Magnetic Power:

This backpressure turbine is from the beginning built 1955 by Stal Laval/ Asea and totaly rebuilt 2001 for a cost: aprox 2,2 milj. €. Everything inside the turbine and generator is totaly rebuilt. Running time from 2001: aprox 25.000 hours. Magnetism equipm. and vibration equip. new 1996. The plant was taken out of operation autumn 2006.

Reconstruction of turbine:

¤ A set of rotating parts of the inner turbine consisting of:

¤ Turbine discs with vane rings and shafts

¤ Rotating labyrinth and fixed plates

¤ Complete shaft seals of Flex-o-seal-type

¤ Necessary parts for sealing and locking

Rewinding of generator:

¤ Rewinding of two stators

¤ Rewinding of two rotors

New modified brush bridges to the respective rotor

Engine for control of rpm

Valves for drain to the intermediate pressure

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16 MVA Steam Turbine Stal LavalASEA 2

16 MVA Steam Turbine Stal LavalASEA 3

16 MVA Steam Turbine Stal LavalASEA 4

16 MVA Steam Turbine Stal LavalASEA 5